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Our Team

The Lawyering Project is a dedicated team of legal, communications, and operations professionals with expertise in reproductive rights. We work closely with local stakeholders across the country to uphold the rights and dignity of people seeking and providing reproductive health care.

Amanda Allen, Senior Counsel & Director

Amanda Allen

Senior Counsel & Director

Kyriaki “Kiki” Council

Legal Counsel for Pro Bono Initiatives

Cassie Ehrenberg

Senior Counsel for Pro Bono Initiatives

Mashayla Hays

Legal Counsel
Jamila Johnson Headshot

Jamila Johnson

Senior Counsel

Amber Khan

Senior Counsel
Jennifer R Miller Photo

Jennifer R Miller

Communications Director
Tanya Pellegrini Headshot

Tanya Pellegrini

Senior Counsel
Philippe Robles-Fradet Headshot

Philippe Robles-Fradet

Project Assistant
Juanluis “Pepis” Rodriguez, Litigation Counsel

Juanluis “Pepis” Rodriguez

Litigation Counsel
Rupali Sharma Headshot

Rupali Sharma

Senior Counsel & Director
Melissa Shube, Litigation Counsel

Melissa Shube

Litigation Counsel

Paige Suelzle

Legal Fellow
Stephanie Toti, Senior Counsel & Project Director

Stephanie Toti

Senior Counsel & Project Director
Michelle Tsiakaros, Operations Manager

Michelle Tsiakaros

Operations Manager

Wendy Watts

Senior Counsel for General Counsel Program
Joy Williams Headshot

Joy Williams


Allison Zimmer

Litigation Counsel