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Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson (Texas)


This case challenges Texas’ latest assault on abortion access.  Senate Bill 8 (“S.B. 8”) would ban abortion as early as six weeks of pregnancy.

Not only does this law seek to ban abortion before most people realize they are pregnant, the restriction encourages any private individual —including anti-abortion protestors with no connection to the patient—to “enforce” the law by filing frivolous, destructive lawsuits against anyone who assists Texans in accessing abortion care after six weeks, including abortion and practical support funds.

The Lawyering Project represents half a dozen abortion and practical support funds in this legal challenge.


Judge of the 114th District Court, and on behalf of a class of all Texas judges similarly situated; Clerk for the District Court of Smith County; Mark Lee Dickson; Executive Director of the Texas Medical Board; Executive Director of the Texas Board of Nursing; Executive Commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission; Executive Director of the Texas Board of Pharmacy; and Attorney General of Texas

Timeline and Key Documents:

July 13, 2021

Plaintiff files Complaint

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