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Abortion Funds, Practical Support Organizations Release Video Detailing Six Months of Living Under Texas Abortion Ban

March 1 marks half a year of Texas’ abortion ban being in effect

03.01.22 (PRESS RELEASE) Six abortion funds and practical support organizations have released a new video – SB8: Our Story – which details the devastating consequences Texas’ abortion ban has had since it was allowed to take effect six months ago by the Supreme Court.  The video is also captioned in Spanish.

The six funds in the video – The Afiya Center, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, Jane’s Due Process, Lilith Fund, and Texas Equal Access Fund – shared how SB8 has forced their clients to travel out-of-state for basic health care.

Specifically, Frontera Fund, Fund Texas Choice, and Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund detail how their assistance to callers needing to travel out of state has increased exponentially in the last six months while the Afiya Center shares how SB8 forces pregnant people not only to flee the state for healthcare, but also take time off work and arrange childcare.  Lilith Fund discusses how the ban has been absolutely “devastating” for Texas communities while Jane’s Due Process talks about the impact of SB8 on young people seeking care.

The video also highlights that abortion funds and practical support organizations are still here for Texans who need care and urges viewers to visit if they need services or wish to donate.

The six funds featured in the video are also part of one of the legal challenges to SB8, Whole Woman’s Health v Jackson.   The Texas Supreme Court heard arguments in that case last week in order to determine whether the case will be dismissed or continue in district court. A ruling is pending.