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Doe v. Minnesota (Minnesota)

(Minn. 2d Jud. Dist. No. 62-cv-19-3868)

Minnesota’s laws concerning abortion and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have become outdated. Enacted decades ago, many of these laws are out of step with contemporary medical practice and reflect antiquated views about gender and sexuality. In addition, they fail to honor the diverse religious traditions of Minnesota residents.

On July 11, 2022, the District Court permanently blocked many of these laws, including:

  • a ban on qualified advance-practice clinicians providing abortion care;
  • a requirement forcing patients to delay their abortion care by at least 24 hours after consulting with a healthcare provider;
  • a requirement that young people notify both parents before they can receive abortion care;
  • a requirement forcing abortion providers to give irrelevant and misleading information to their patients;
  • a ban on the provision of second-trimester abortion care outside of hospitals; and
  • regulations that subject abortion providers to felony criminal penalties for minor regulatory infractions.

The court held that the Minnesota Constitution protects not just a fundamental right to choose abortion, but also a fundamental right to access abortion care.  The Honorable Thomas A Gilligan said:  “The right to choose to have an abortion . . . would be meaningless without the right to access abortion care.”


Dr. Jane Doe; Mary Moe; Our Justice


State of Minnesota; Governor of Minnesota; Attorney General of Minnesota; Minnesota Commissioner of Health; Minnesota Board of Medical Practice; Minnesota Board of Nursing


Timeline and Key Documents:

September 25, 2019

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