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New Mexicans Continue to Fight Back Against Local Ordinances Restricting Abortion

Eastern New Mexico Rising details harms of local abortion bans in State Supreme Court filing

Ordinances devised by special interest groups from Texas

05.02.23 — (MEDIA ADVISORY) Late yesterday, Eastern New Mexico Rising submitted an amicus brief with the New Mexico Supreme Court detailing the harms that local ordinances restricting abortion in Clovis, Hobbs, Roosevelt County and Lea County have on residents.  The brief supports the New Mexico Attorney General’s lawsuit challenging the ordinances as unconstitutional.

“Eastern New Mexico Rising has continuously denounced the discriminatory and unconstitutional ordinances forced on our communities by the Roosevelt County Commission, and Clovis City Commission in partnership with out-of-state groups. This reckless disregard for the healthcare and well-being of our citizens has needlessly caused harm to folks who already struggle,” stated Eastern New Mexico Rising Co-Founder Laura Wight.  “The people demand reproductive justice and constitutional protections for our bodily autonomy.”

Health care and specifically reproductive health care is already difficult to access in Clovis, Hobbs, Roosevelt County and Lea County with the closest abortion clinics roughly 200 miles away in Albuquerque.  The brief shares how ENMR members have been harmed by the lack of health care access with one member being forced to travel over 200 miles to access abortion care in 2019 and another having to travel out of state for prenatal care due to a lack of obstetrical services in the region.

In addition to harming people already struggling to overcome oppression – including low-income people, people of color, Indigenous people, and young people without parental support – the local ordinances restricting abortion access broadly undermine the rights and values of New Mexicans, as reflected in strong State constitutional and legislative protections for abortion access.  As detailed in the brief, these ordinances are a result of targeted lobbying from out-of-state special interest groups attempting to impose their extreme and intolerant ideology on the people of New Mexico.

ENMR’s brief was filed by the Lawyering Project.