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All-Options v. Attorney General (Indiana)

(S.D. Ind. No. 1:21-cv-01231-JPH-MJD)

This case challenged several abortion restrictions in Indiana, including a measure forcing health care providers to share false and misleading information with their patients about “reversing” a medication abortion, a bogus claim that may lead some patients to end a pregnancy based on the mistaken belief that its effects can later be undone.

There is no scientific evidence that a medication abortion can be reversed after a patient has taken the first medication, and leading medical organizations oppose  laws that require healthcare providers to inform their patients of this false and misleading claim.

The lawsuit also challenged a 2021 ban on patients’ ability to obtain medication abortion via telemedicine.  A nearly identical ban was already  considered by a federal district court judge in separate litigation – Whole Woman’s Health Alliance v. Rokita – which challenged a host of abortion restrictions in Indiana.

In August 2023, the Indiana Supreme Court allowed Indiana’s abortion ban to take effect and this case was dismissed.


Attorney General of Indiana; Commissioner of the Indiana State Department of Health; Members of the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana; and Lake, Marion, Monroe, St Joseph, and Tippecanoe County Prosecutors.

Timeline and Key Documents:

August 24, 2023

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