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Lawyering Project statement on today’s Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Said Stephanie Toti, Senior Counsel and Project Director at the Lawyering Project:

“Today’s decision is an abuse of power by a Supreme Court that has completely abandoned the Constitution and the rule of law. Its impact will be swift and devastating. Countless people will have to travel across the country to access legal abortion care, disrupting their lives, families, communities, and workplaces. Those without the means to travel will be forced to bear the physical, emotional, and economic impacts of unwanted pregnancy and childbirth.

Not only that—todays’ decision upends decades of progress toward gender equality, sending a clear message to women, girls, and all people who can become pregnant that their rights don’t matter, their hopes and dreams don’t matter, and their lives don’t matter in our society. The decision is a national disgrace that will leave an indelible stain on our democracy.”